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Sweet treats



We just love ice cream!

Hey there! I'm Kellie Fischer, and my family and I live right here in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. In our house, ice cream is more than a just a delicious treat - it's a way for us to bond. Some of my best memories growing up we're chasing down the ice cream truck and enjoying a treat with my family. When I found out a few years ago that my husband Danny was 30 years old and had never seen an ice cream truck, I realized ice cream trucks weren't around like they used to be. We started Sweet Treats Ice Cream Trucks because we wanted to give our kids the same great memories that I had growing up. 


This is our fourth year in business, and our mission is to help families throughout mid-Michigan make their own sweet memories through ice cream. You've probably seen our ice cream trucks or cart at events or just driving around the area. We'd love for you to stop and check us out or just say hello. If you haven't seen us yet, give us a call and we'll swing by your neighborhood!


We hope to see you soon!

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